Kawagoe's store information


Showa-no Machi

The area adjacent to Kura no Machi to the north side of Chuo Avenue is a shopping district where the vestiges of the Showa Period (1926 to 1898) remain in the streets and in the personal relationships. You will find a billboard construction shop and the Old Tsurukawa Theater here. Shops with cafés extend their hours and operate as night cafes every Saturday during the period of Enmusubi Furin at Showa no Machi. There is also an outdoor drinking spot which pops up next to the PON-san wine stand & FukuFuku stand on nights when the weather is nice, so please make sure to stop by.
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Ichibangai Shopping District

Kawagoe Ichibangai Shopping District is lined with about 70 shops that preserve the townscape with landscape regulations under a voluntary agreement in this area where the streets of warehouse building merchants still remain. This shopping district is a place warehouse buildings of the storehouse-style shops (shop warehouses) still remain. This gives the strongest impression of the image of Koedo. This district flourished as a commercial city where goods were collected and distributed from the Edo Period (1603 to 1868) to the Meiji Period (1868 to 1912). The shops have made and put into practice landscape regulations to work on the urban development of Kawagaoe Ichibangai Shopping District.
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Taisho Romance Avenue Shopping District

Taisho Romance Avenue is alive with an atmosphere reminiscent of the good old Taisho Period (1912 to 1926). If you take a walk down this avenue, you will find that the atmosphere of Taisho romance is everywhere. The avenue is lined with unusual shops that sell everything – from everyday goods, to wonderful articles of rare beauty and souvenirs of Kawagoe. This is a shopping district that is often used in shooting television shows and movies, seeking the atmosphere of Taisho romance. Please make sure to visit Taisho Romance Avenue in Kawagoe to feel the air of Taisho romance.
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